Flexx Specialty

The Specialty group of Flexx modules is the ultimate business management solution. Designed with superior technology and foresight, these modules enable you to take your business to new heights, with control and ease-of-use you never thought possible. Specialty modules are fully integrated allowing you to hone in on areas of your business that need special attention. Finances. Billing. Assets. Orders. Quotes. Sales. Inventory. Contacts.

Flexx Specialty Modules include -

  • Time Billing & Project Costing

  • Repair & Warranty

  • Contact Management

  • Data Warehousing


Time Billing & Project Costing.  Flexx Time Billing records and tracks work requests, results and billing of parts and labor. The accuracy of estimates can easily be monitored and used as an excellent base for "Help Desk" applications.
Project Costing automatically records costs as it processes time billings, purchase orders, vouchers, sales orders, payroll and adjustments—while allowing you to define your own method of estimating, cost or revenue comparisons.

Repair & Warranty.  Flexx Repair and Warranty is a versatile equipment and warranty tracking tool. Stand-alone, or fully managed by Flexx, this module details serialized equipment and warranty plans, manages billing instructions, repair history and equipment owners.

Contact Management.  Flexx Contact Management enables you to acquire, record, strategize and share contact details across the entire Flexx system. It records and maintains a complete history from initial contact through the opportunity cycle, service period and follow-up, to provide pertinent review and query information.

Data Warehousing.  Flexx Data Warehousing ensures acceptable system performance levels without sacrificing valuable historical data providing 'click of a button' access to information for trend analysis and forecasting.