Databyte is a full service company

Databyte has been successfully helping businesses to take their accounting systems to the next level for over 30 years. We have a proven record of satisfied clients. Flexx ERP is our legacy system that has matured into an effective system for enabling firms to maximize their administrative efficiency. Now with the acceptance of Cloud services, Flexx is being migrated to a true Cloud based system. Flexx Cloud is the next generation of the Flexx family that began back in the days of green screens.

Our products and services include:

  • Flexx ERP for businesses that need an extensive set of features not found in other products

  • Flexx Cloud for the business that needs the latest in flexible access and and requires a low maintenance environment

  • E-Commerce for the business that needs a modern powerful client portal to sell their products and provide quality support to their customers

  • Custom designed systems for those very unique needs that can't be found off the shelf, Databyte can design and implement a system specific to your business requirements


What is Flexx?

Flexx is a proven business management solution designed to suit a diverse range of business applications from Retail to Manufacturing, Professional Services and on to eCommerce.

The result of more than 10 years of development and fine-tuning, Flexx offers a single platform for data collection, tracking, reporting, and forecasting across multiple divisions and cost centers within your business.

Flexx is an integrated suite of scalable and fully customizable modules including our core FINANCIALS package and optional DISTRIBUTION, E-COMMERCE and SPECIALTY modules—all designed to work seamlessly together.

As a technology, Flexx is reliable and secure. Standard features such as our security sub-system ensure the integrity and accessibility of your data. Optional enhancements such as Data Warehousing provide 'click-of-a-button' access to valuable historical details—one of a number of powerful features typically found in only the most expensive enterprise suites.

And Flexx is both easy to use and easy to own. Users will appreciate system-wide features such as consistent Graphic User Interface (GUI) and "drill anywhere" access to source information. CEO's and CTO's will certainly welcome Flexx's straightforward licensing and support programs.