Flexx Distribution

Flexx Distribution is a group of modules designed to manage the movement of product in and out of your business, from procurement and acquisition to order fulfillment. Flexx Distribution automates the sales process in three areas: Products, Suppliers and Customers/Orders. Flexx Distribution utilizes powerful tools such as the Flexx Configurator—a feature normally found only in the most expensive enterprise suites.

Flexx Distribution includes -

  • Order Processing

  • Inventory Control

  • Purchasing and Receiving

  • Bill of Materials

  • Quotation 


Order Processing.  Flexx Order Processing improves cash flow and customer satisfaction by placing you in control of every phase of a customer's order. A wide range of tracking and order fulfillment features are available and total Flexx integration ensures complete transaction accuracy.

Inventory Control.  Flexx Inventory Control helps you reduce overhead and achieve an optimum balance between inventory levels and stock ordering—all with minimum administration.

Purchasing and Receiving.  Flexx Purchasing and Receiving effectively manages the acquisition and distribution of stock and supplies to enhance cash flow, balance inventory levels and measure supplier effectiveness.

Bill of Materials.  Flexx Bill of Materials simplifies the complexities of kitting by providing up-to-the-moment parts availability while maintaining full inventory control. It enhances the Flexx Distribution group by providing all the information needed for complete profit analysis.

Quotation.  Flexx Quotation gives you the tools you need to prepare and distribute accurate quotes, quickly and efficiently. 'Click-of-a-button' tracking and analysis features allow you to measure and increase your success rate.