Flexx Cloud - Distribution ERP Software for The Modern Business.

Modern Affordable ERP Systems for The Growing Distribution and Online-Retail Businesses.


Flexx Cloud in the newest generation of the proven Flexx ERP system. It builds upon the years of experience and maturity that are employed in the current windows based system. To this solid base we have added the power of the browser style of interaction. Flexx Cloud is shaping up to be a truly remarkable system.

Modern businesses are demanding more flexxiblity coupled with much simpler administration and easier growth. This is why cloud ERP solutions have become so popular. Flexx had to migrate to the cloud to remain reliable and so the Flexx Cloud project was started and the new model is proving very powerful and easy to use.

The Flexx Cloud project is a multi manyear effort and though the design and base structure has been completed, the initial system won't be available until 2017. But we are so proud of the results so far, If you would like a preview give us a call.

GL Transactions Page

This is the main GL Transaction page.  This page is used to easily find and view GL transaction details.  From this page, unposted GL transactions can be accessed and modified if needed prior to posting.

GL Transactions

GL Transaction Edit Screen

From this screen unposted GL Transactions can be modified.

GL Transaction Edit

GL Posting Screen

This screen is used to run a batch process to post the unposted GL transactions.  Full control is available to post from a specific G/L Period, Division, Source, or Transaction # range.  Post all unposted transactions or choose a specific one or group to post.

GL Posting

Custom Statements Creator

With Flexx Cloud's Custom Statements screen, it is easy to modify one of Flexx's many default financial statements or to create a complete custom statement to meet a specific reporting need.  Offering full access to all the financial records, this advanced tool enables even the most sophisticated custom statements to be easily created and saved for future repeated use.

Custom Statements