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Introducing Flexx

Flexx is a full featured Financial Management system developed by Databyte Corporation with the intricacies of the mid-sized business in mind.

About Flexx

Flexx is a truly flexible ERP and business management software solution, designed to fit the way you work.
The Flexx suite includes FINANCIALS, and optional DISTRIBUTION, E-COMMERCE and SPECIALTY modules, all highly integrated and fully customizable. Flexx is very scalable, reliable and secure. It's easy to use and it's available right now.

Does it really work?

"Flexx is so flexible I can basically track anything I want ... it gracefully allows us to do what we want to be doing"

Pamela Best
Direcetor of Finance & Support Services
Is Flexx® right for my Business? PDF Print E-mail

If you can't seem to find a financial management solution that fits your needs then take a closer look at Flexx Business Management Software.

The Right Fit

Unlike some solutions that shoe-horn you into their way of working, Flexx is designed to work the way you want to. The modular approach of Flexx allows you to select as little or as much as your business demands. And because it's written by Databyte, applications can be developed to fit your needs exactly.

Alternative Appeal

Flexx is more than a viable alternative to the mainstream. It's an attitude that says "we're different", part of a growing backlash against rigid products and practices from vendors who treat you like a number. Flexx appeals to companies that want something different. Something that works, and on their terms.

The Right Price

Compared with solutions of similar capability and performance, Flexx is very competitively priced. Businesses should budget for between 1-5% of annual revenues to cover the total cost of ownership.

Flexx 7.0 Arrives PDF Print E-mail

Flexx 7.0 has now been released. This latest version is now fully compatible with the latest 64 bit Windows 7 environments. This significant enhancement enables Flexx to function on all current business environments in both the client-server and thin-client configurations. Call Databyte Sales to book your upgrade.

E-Commerce Integration PDF Print E-mail

Databyte continues to enhance the business offerings of Flexx – (Distribution ERP software).  Latest developments have been in the e-commerce module.  These new enhancements allow Flexx to integrate directly with Drupal Commerce- a leading world class e-commerce system.  This connection will automatically transfer products and their details from the Flexx SKU master to the web Catalogue and as orders and payments are received transferred directly to the Flexx Order Entry system.  This connection also allows for e-commerce transactions that integrate into the full suite of Flexx modules and functions.  (Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Order Processing, Credit Hold, Account Orders, and more)

Talk to your Databyte account rep. for further details.


Databyte who?

Read about the company behind Flexx business management software and the secret of their success to-date.

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